What is Bitcoin? learn more about this currency!

The United States has the US – dollars, Japen has the yen, UK pounds and uses Germany the euro. But what’s the Internet? It’s simple: The Internet has Bitcoin!

What is Bitcoin actually is and how it works?

Bitcoin is the first decentralized virtual currency that can be sent in the simplest way via the Internet. This Bitcoin‘ coin `is on a Wallet saved and sent by the latter. The easiest way to digital currency can be explained with the current system. To keep your money can receive You need an account. With Bitcoin (and all other currencies), this account Wallet (this is your Wallet account and your wallet). The Transfer of Bitcoin is fundamentally different rates and that our Bitcoin Code review for 2018 the account recipient from a transfer, the money supply (Bitcoinmenge) needs. The transfers, which makes your Bitcoin are recorded and (block chain) in a public ledger stored.

The difference with the euro or to banks – at Bitcoin is YOU responsible for managing your assets, remittances are public ( but anonymous ) and not just visible from your bank, instead account number is spoken by receiving address, the digital currency is decentralized and 21 million pieces limited, account management fees and fees for international transfers are eliminated. You can learn more in this video:


What happens during a Bitcoinüberweisung

Every time Bitcoins are sent from one address to another, created for this transaction a bank transfer receipt that on the block chain is stored. These receipts are then reviewed by miners and confirmed. Because of these miners *, of which there are thousands, the network is so sure. This verification no Bitcoin can be easily copied or issued twice!

In addition, Bitcoin is decentralized, which means no control by the state or banks. Thereby, in Bitcoin no inflation arise because there is no institution that could distribute more Bitcoins. The total amount of monetary amounts to 21 million pieces – when this limit is reached, it is no longer possible to add more Bitcoins.


The equivalent of Bitcoin

The problem for many of the counter value since Bitcoin is not real but a digital commodity. The same but you could of software, music, and as equities also claim. Nevertheless, a commodity or a commodity always determined by the rarity and the people’s trust. The euro, dollar and other currencies also have no real value anymore since the gold decoupling, but this currency is used on a daily basis. Gold also has the confidence of mankind, especially because of the history and of international renown. It follows that a value can only be created if people accept this form of payment. (And acceptance increases)


Advantages of Bitcoins

This coin is sent from person to person without an intermediary. That’s why the fees are lower than in banks. Also, your money can not be frozen and you can use anywhere in the world Bitcoins – as long as an Internet connection is (are always other methods designed to send Bitcoin A Bitcoinüberweisung is now also possible via SMS.). Of course, the transfer is much faster, the Bitcoinüberweisung comes after about 10 minutes at the receiver.


How to get Bitcoins?

So that your Bitcoins you can have your first requires a Wallet ! After that it is possible to buy Bitcoins or earn free. We have put together some pages you where you come free Bitcoins.


How are Bitcoins used (today)?

Video games can be bought, gifts, books, clothes, and much more! Dell, Microsoft and Overstock accept Bitcoin for example, to name a few. There are several online platforms that offer the exchange of Bitcoin, and others who buy and sell Bitcoins .


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